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The Nigerian Bird Atlas aims to map all of Nigeria’s bird species and describe their status with the help of valued input from Citizen Scientists – volunteer members of the public who are keen to contribute through going birding and submitting their observations to the project.

A species' distribution is the most fundamental information needed in order to conserve it. However, there has not been a coordinated effort at collating information of the distribution of birds in Nigeria apart from single observations. Therefore this is coming at a time where information from the bird atlas will go long way to elucidate distributions of bird species in Nigeria

By pooling the effort of many Citizen Scientist birders, the Nigerian Bird Atlas will tell this story and in so doing provide a powerful tool for conservation.

Join us!

If you are at all interested in watching birds, have any concern for the conservation of Nigeria’s birds and enjoy being outside and exploring new places, then the Nigerian Bird Atlas is the project for you!

It is an exciting and stimulating project that combines a lot of excellent birding, exploring new and fascinating parts of the country, state-of-the-art technology and communication and serious science to produce dependable results that can be used to take real action for conservation.

While the website is still being completed to allow the capture of data and to show species maps in real time, Observers can already register and field work has begun. To register and receive your login details, email ulfottossonlux@gmail.com with your name, telephone number, address and email. You will receive an Observer Number and password allowing you to login to the Nigerian Bird Atlas. Your login details will also allow you access to the Animal Demography Unit’s Virtual Museum (http://vmus.adu.org.za) which enables you to help with the mapping of 1000s of other species.

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Nigeria Bird Atlas is a joint initiative of A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) of the University of Jos, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and the Animal Demography Unit of the University of Cape Town.

Latest cards submitted (in order of submission)
  Date Pentad Observers name Species
on card
f2018-07-160955c0855Adejo, Rose84
f2018-07-140715c0325Oyegbami , Akinleye 9
f2018-07-140900c1120Elisha, Emmanuel Barde13
f2018-07-140955c0855Bolade, Israel Adedeji60
f2018-07-140955c0855Bolade, Israel Adedeji60
f2018-07-140955c0855David, Terna67
f2018-07-140955c0855Sulemana, Abdulai0
f2018-07-141050c0730onah, john25
f2018-07-130955c0855Adejo, Rose0
f2018-07-131205c0845Ramzy, Fatima23
f2018-07-131205c0850Ringim, Abubakar Surajo37
f2018-07-131210c0825Sotayo, Falilat16
f2018-07-131215c0825Sotayo, Falilat36
f2018-07-131215c0830Ibrahim, Josiah32
f2018-07-131215c0835Ivande, Sam33
f2018-07-131220c0835Lawal, Alai35
a2018-07-130940c0815Tanko, Dauda23
a2018-07-131215c0830Ivande, Sam11
f2018-07-121205c0835Ramzy, Fatima13
f2018-07-121205c0840Ramzy, Fatima19
f2018-07-121210c0820Ivande, Sam38
f2018-07-121210c0840Ringim, Abubakar Surajo35
f2018-07-121210c0845Ringim, Abubakar Surajo24
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